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Kaszanitzky Anna, lamp designer, kangulum.hu

Kaszanitzky Anna (lamp designer)

After graduating as an industrial designer at Technical University of Budapest (BME) in 2006, Anna started to design lamps and established her own brand, KanguLUM. Since then she made many different kinds of lamps, recently influenced by living organisms and geometry.

email: kangulum@gmail.com | phone: +36-30-3719207

Helping hands

Juhász Nóri, kangulum.hu

Juhász Nóri (assistant)

Nóri studies Architecture Design and helps Anna in many ways as her ultimate assistant. Mistress of soldering techniques.

Majoros Rella, kangulum.hu

Majoros Rella (assistant)

Rella graduated as a textil designer and is a recognised expert of glass fiber and straw in the studio. Her favorite mascot is unknown but she must have one.

Kgy, kangulum.hu

K. Gy. (consultant)

When K. Gy. suddenly shows up in the studio, something happens for sure.

Studio & Showroom

Budapest 1084. Német utca 10.

Before visiting the studio please contact us by email or phone.